Croatian cuisine is remarkably diverse, reflecting the variety of cultures that have left their mark on the country, and in the kitchen, over the centuries. The Italians, for example, imparted their knowledge of pasta, while the ancient Greeks taught the people of Dalmatia and Istria to make wine. Turkish influences can be found in the Croatian kitchen as well.

The most important thing for Croatian people is fresh prepared food.
Croatian Cruising collected their favorite restaurants especially for you.


  • Konoba Bajso restaurant
  • Konoba Bajso Platter
  • The view of Konoba Bajso
  • Konoba Bajso


Konoba Bajso is a fantastic restaurant with an amazing view. 

They prepare all the food fresh, great fish dishes, but also very well prepared meat.

On the terrace of the restaurant you will also find a pool so that you can cool off on a hot day.

Konoba Bajso is also an excellent restaurant for weddings and wedding party's.

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  • tomaten soep
  • tonijn steak met salade
  • tonijn steak
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Restaurant Konoba Lučac offers you a carefully selected menu with daily fresh fish, traditional local food, Croatian BBQ, steaks and pizzas.

Top quality local wines paired with the wide choice of fresh seafood, grill specialities, BBQ steaks or traditional dishes menu, will tell you the story of Dalmatian history and lifestyle. Their goal is to restore traditional ways of cooking and preparing seafood dishes as their ancestors have once done and eliminate all industrial ingredients from the cuisine.

I really recommend to order the tuna steak! it's really delicious.

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  • Tuin
  • pasta beef steak with tartuffo
  • pasta
  • Rosata
  • tuin
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  • wijn
  • kaart
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Trattoria Tinel is a really nice restaurant, if you see the restaurant from the outside it looks really small.
But if you walk inside and go trough the doors you will find an amazing garden.

They really have amazing traditional Croatian food, and they all make it fresh. This place is also really loved by the locals. So it is really worth a visit.
I really recommend the fresh pasta with beef steak and tartufo.

  • matoni
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  • dry age
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Konoba Matoni is an amazing place that you can find in the area near the beach in Split.
Konoba Matoni is serving Dalmatian/mediterranean food with a twist.

To enter the restaurant you take the stairs down that will bring you in the restaurant with a very big wine cellar. 
They have local wines but also premium wines.

The restaurant makes all the pasta they have on the menu in their own kitchen. And that you can really taste, the food is amazing!

  • Lamb
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You can find the restaurant Zinfandel in the old town of Split. I really recommend this place if you love Lamb. They slow cook the lamb shank and it's absolutely amazing.
But ofcourse there is also fish, pasta's and other meat on the menu.

This place also have a very big choice of Croatian wines. There are more then 100 of bottles of wine and over 30 wines by the glass. The staff is really experienced and they can help you to choose the perfect wine for you.

You need a reservation at this restaurant.


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Tramonto is located on an amazing spot. 
You will have an amazing view over the water, and with sunset it's even better.

This restaurant also have a amazing chef! The food is absolutely wonderful.
They really like to change the menu, so in summer you have the change that you will have a different menu on an other day if you are visiting again.

For cocktails Tramonto is also a very good place.
And also the prices here are really good. On the other side of the old town you will pay much more and the view is not so good as it is at Tramonto.

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Konoba Belin is a traditional Croatian restaurant.
Everything is freshly made. During the day they make all the pasta themself, and you really taste the different with normal pasta.
So much flavour.

This is also a really great place to eat Peka, you need to make a reservation at least a day before because Peka needs a lot of preparation.

This place you can find just out of the old town of Korcula.


  • Restaurant terras
  • restaurant binnen
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Trattoria Tezora is a restaurant in Old town Dubrovnik.
You can eat here delicious and fresh seafood, amazing pasta's, nice prepared meat and great pizza's.

This place is really a must visit, and for Dubrovnik old town the prices here are also really good.


  • tuin
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  • binnnen tuin
  • straat kant
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In Stari Grad on the island Hvar you can find Konoba Pharia. Pharia is a Dalmatian style grill and fish specialty restaurant.

The restaurant has a magical garden and place to sit inside. But we recommend to make a reservation for the garden.

This place really has amazing food!  The meat and fish from the grill are sublime!